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Sponges: The New Chemical Peel And Microneedle?

Are sponges replacing chemical peels and microneedling in the spa room? Yes and no. This sponge-based treatment is a great alternative to the traditional peel and microneedle treatments! Let alone, in many states (including Ohio, where Nomad Girl is located), microneedling is now disallowed for estheticians. Read on to learn about this incredible alternative!

But Aren't Sponges Soft and Squishy?

Yes, but also no! While the exterior may have that soft and pliable texture that you are used to, the interior structure (endoskeleton) is made up of something called spicules. These are sharp, pointed, barbed structures made up of silica and calcium carbonate that contain important minerals and nutrients that are beneficial for skin health.

spic·ule /ˈspikyo͞ol/ a minute sharp-pointed object or structure that is typically present in large numbers

While this ingredient is becoming better known in the Western world, this natural peeling ingredient has been used for centuries! Besides the benefits of a peel, spicules also provide a microneedle effect without the same level of invasiveness, and is much gentler to the skin.

Interesting notes:

  • There are thousands of species of sponges, and each can be identified by its unique spicule structure!

  • Every year, thousands of compounds have been isolated from marine sponges and are being used in clinical trials for inflammatory diseases and cancers.

Inside the spicule, there is a blend of minerals, natural antibiotics, Vitamin D, amino acids, and symbiotic microorganisms. This blend of natural elements treats a wide variety of concerns and skin issues, working alongside an effective homecare regimen.

Acne: High concentrations of zinc, linoleic acid, and natural inflammatory ingredients will be very beneficial. Copper, essential for tissue and collagen production, aids textural concerns. Hyperpigmentation (excess pigmentation): Accelerated cell turnover decreases hyperpigmentation, and minerals such as zinc and B12 suppress melanocyte (melanin containing cells) stimulating factors. Hyperpigmentation lifts right out of the skin! Deeper hyperpigmentation may require multiple treatments for best results. Anti-Aging: Stimulates collagen production, improving overall texture, firmness, and tone of skin!

How Are The Spicules Applied?

The spicule powder is blended and applied by manually pressing and gently massaging the paste into skin (this action also creates superficial microchannels, allowing for better product penetration). The skin absorbs these spicules over within 48 hours, releasing the minerals, acids, etc., into the skin.

This Service Will Be Available Very Soon! Stay Tuned!

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